Welcome to the Woluwe Danse / Brussels Dance Club

The Woluwe Danse is a sport club which gathers all the dance lovers, all the persons who have a passion for ballroom dancing (valse, tango, chacha, rock, etc...), and for the Zumba®.

We are organizing courses, training, dance party, and different other kind of activites. We are located in Brussels, mainly in Woluwé-Saint-Lambert and Auderghem. For the moment, lessons are given only in french (and most of this web site is written in french). It's true that you need to understand the language to follow a course, but even if you are not french speaking, you can enjoy coming to the trainings and to the dance parties.

You can go the courses the Wednesday evening, the Friday evening and the Saturday morning. The Saturday evening is dedicated to the Zumba while the other day are reserved for the ballromm dancing.

The following links will give you more information on our club (only available in french) :

  • Ballroom activities
  • Zumba activities
  • Courses and trainings schedule

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